This page will contain content relating to props, costumes,set, lighting and sound for the production team of No Roosters In The Desert.

Stage Management



Prop items that have been acquired are indicated with an (*).


  • toy bicycle*
  • bicycle* (Beatriz’s personal bike.)
  • backpack
  • ace bandage


  • backpack
  • 1 gallon of water (can be an empty milk gallon)
  • Pictures of children*


  • 4-candles in glass container
  • backpack


  • 1 gallon of water
  • woven fiber bag*

Interview Scene

  • clipboard
  • interview form
  • pen or pencil
  • 2 small water bottles

Additional Props

  • 4 cowbells*

  • Costumes

    Christina has met with all the actors and has made costume recommendations. She will be building the skeleton costumes.
    4-skeleton suits.
    4-skeleton masks.


  • Table*
  • 2 institutional chairs
  • We can use chairs from the Center for the Arts green room unless someone has a set of cooler looking institutional chairs.

  • 3 “rocks”
  • We have been using stage blocks as our rocks. If we have stage rocks that wood be great.

    According to Mike’s floor plan we can have seating on the west and east side of studio 1 to seat about 100 people. Mike will be working with the Summit High School students and their teachers to create 8 collage panels 4′ x 8′ that will be placed around the perimeter of Studio 1. The panels will hang from the ceiling joints directly behind the audience seating.


    Doug will provide six lighting areas. He also said that it would be possible to create the flying effect using a rail and a moving light. We will need help to rehang and focus all the lights.


    James and Luis spent an hour talking about the nuance of sound for the show. They are both very exited about the aural environment James will create during the next few weeks.


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    1. Doug Vogel says:

      Looking for track for moving light

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