Student Component
Our goal is to repeat the educational value of this play with students from the community.The Jackson production collaborated with 25 students from Summit High School to create eight 4’x 8′ collage panels which were used as scenic elements for the play. The students were asked to create collages that addressed the American immigrant experience. This project became a team building experience where students had the opportunity to express themselves visually and through the use of text. Each production will have its own set of collage panels created by local students in the community.

Production History
The Jackson, Wyoming production of No Roosters in the Desert was produced by Riot Act Inc and directed by Luis Guerrero in November 2012.
The play was written by Kara Hartzler and is about four women who cross into the desert of Arizona from Mexico. No Roosters In The Desert was written as a response to the recent legislation signed into state law by Arizona Governor, Jan Brewer. Some portions of the this controversial legislation are currently being challenged in Federal Court.

A Life-Changing Experience
The play delivers a powerful message that places the value of our humanity against the rhetoric of anti-immigration sentiment in this country. The four female characters are composites of interviews of 130 migrant women conducted by University of Arizona professor, Dr. Anna Ochoa O’Leary. During our post-show discussions with the audience, it was quite common to see people moved to tears by the performance.