I Was Raised By My Mom

I Was Raised by My Mom
by Adalid Loaeza
Summit High School Student

I was raised by my mom.
She would be struggling,
While my dad was in the U.S.
It was hard to live a normal life.

I was raised by my mom.
Although I didn’t feel
Like a normal kid.
I would spend days, weeks,
Months, or even years, without my dad.

My mom would stay strong.
Not only raising me, but
My siblings, too. My brother and my sister.
My other siblings were in the U.S, too.
It was hard living without them.

I was raised by my mom.
As the years passed, I grew up.
When I was like seven-years old,
My dad went back to Mexico.
He built a new house, for us, his family.

About two years after he was back,
He decided to bring all of us to the U.S.
It would be tough for him,
But he did it. I was only nine-years-old,
When I came to the United States.

While trying to cross the border,
I would cry. It was hard.
We would suffer a lot. I was in so much pain, because we were all crowded in the same car.

If I had known, what I
Was going to be facing, I would have stayed.
I faced a lot of racism.
People would be mean to me, because
I was from Mexico and had different skin color,
But mostly because I spoke Spanish.

It was challenging, because I had to learn a new language.
I learned English in one year.
I’ve been living in the U.S almost half of my life.
And some people are still a little bit mean to me.


About Luis Guerrero

Director of the play: No Roosters In The Desert by Kara Hartzler and produced by Riot Act, Inc, Jackson, Wyoming.
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