Presidential Debates — Immigration Policy

Governor Romney and President Obama respond to a question on immigration during the debate. Notice how neither Governor Romney nor President Obama mention we are a nation of native peoples and immigrants. I believe that as a nation, Americans need to broaden their point of view when we speak of immigration to include the Native American experience within the conversation of American identity.

Click here to view video on C-Span’s website.


About Luis Guerrero

Director of the play: No Roosters In The Desert by Kara Hartzler and produced by Riot Act, Inc, Jackson, Wyoming.
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2 Responses to Presidential Debates — Immigration Policy

  1. Adalid Loaeza says:

    I think what president Obama said was a really powerful message. It probably gave more hope to those immigrant people. It gave them hope, to a better life and future.

    • Luis Guerrero says:

      I agree. The current generation of young students should remain focused on the future. They should finish high school and go to college and become leaders in the conversation on how we can live and work together.

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