Library Tour

The Teton County Libray provides access to a world of knowledge. Please thank Stephanie the next time you see her. Remember I said that good research takes time. Going to the library and reading books is like baking something in the oven. Knowledge takes time to acquire. Doing a Google search is like throwing something into the microwave. A Google search will help you jump-start your research but you will also need to go deeper into your area of interest. The staff at the library will help explore all the resources available to you.

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About Luis Guerrero

Director of the play: No Roosters In The Desert by Kara Hartzler and produced by Riot Act, Inc, Jackson, Wyoming.
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3 Responses to Library Tour

  1. jon says:

    the library is a great place to spend time looking fun facts.

  2. s says:

    This library is one of the best i have even been to. it is super hard core and they have everything you need to learn what you want or read what you want. I love it and the staff are the shiz-nit!!!! 🙂

  3. cami says:

    The library was a very calm area I got a lot of new information about immigration! I think it was well organized and I had no problem looking around. This project I think will be a great experience because it makes everyone think a little harder about the soil we walk on and the air we breathe. Everyone to me is equal and I don’t believe in judging someone from their color or where they came from.

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